Splash! Letter Recognition Game (Free Printable!)

Hi Y’all! I hope everyone has had a great week! It’s been quiet over here on the blog front since we’ve been busy with, ya know, real life. It’s been a busy, crazy week! But I am excited to share this game and FREE printable with you today! I had a lot of fun creating this printable and I hope that y’all enjoy it and that your kiddos enjoy it!

This ocean letter recognition game is perfect for the end of the school year literacy game or for a fun summer game to keep your kids learning throughout the summer. There are so many variations of this game, I used to play a bunch of different variations in my kindergarten classroom, especially as a fun way to end Guided Reading. But I enjoyed coming up with this fun summertime version!

To make the game you will need to click on one of the links below to open the PDF file. I made a black and white version as well as a color version (although only the “splash!” page is different colors). I wanted to print my cards on blue cardstock so I also created a black and white version. But the color version is super fun too! Anyways, just download the file, cut out the cards, and then place the cards in a bucket or container. I wanted to do something fun and to keep with the theme, so I grabbed a $1.99 bucket and shovel set at Target to keep my cards in.

To play the game you have the students or kiddos or whoever is playing sit in a circle (although I have definitely played this just one on one with my daughter and it still works!). Then everyone takes a turn pulling out a card (I had them use the shovel for this part!). They name whatever letter they pull out. If someone gets a “Splash!” card, they get to go again! I’ve also played versions where if you get a “splash!” card, you have to put all your cards back into the bucket.  So whichever version you want to do!

It’s a fun, quick game that really helps strengthen kid’s letter knowledge.  Have fun! Click on the links below to get your free printable!

splash game B&W

splash game color

(dolphin clipart images are from https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Store/Alina-Veja)

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