motherhood & self care

Monday! Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a great Monday. Our day was full of potty training and I’m glad to be one day down for sure. Here’s hoping day two goes well tomorrow!

I’ve been thinking a lot about self care lately. I recently went to a church class on depression and the teacher was discussing the self care technique of figuring out what your seven daily needs are. I have no idea why seven was the magic number but I’m going to go with it. As moms we give and give and that’s amazing and good and right and admirable BUT we all know we can’t fill up someone else without sometimes stopping to fill ourselves up too.

And so I’ve been pondering what my seven daily needs are. And here is what I’ve come up with:

To be my best self my seven daily needs are:
1. prayer – I need a few minutes as soon as I get out of bed to speak with my Heavenly Father and to hear what He would have me do that day. 
2. scripture study – I need time each day to sit down and focus on the scriptures. 
3. me time – I know this seems like it should be the same thing as scripture study but as an introvert I also need time alone each day to just think and reflect and do something quiet that I want to do, like read or crochet or write. 
4. a shower – enough said. 
5. to get ready for the day – trust me, I have my fair share of days where I’m in sweatpants and my hair is in a bun but I feel so much better about everything when I do my hair and make-up. Even if I’m not going anywhere, like today with potty training! I wasn’t entirely sure I was going to start potty training today and so I got ready for the day but then it ended up being super helpful just for my own self-esteem while I was cleaning up messes all day! 
6. to get out of the house – even if it’s just for a rain walk like it was today, this is definitely one of my seven daily needs. I love to plan morning activities for me and my kids, usually to the playground or splash pad and it helps me so much to get fresh air and to be outside of the house for awhile. 
7. to work – I have found time and time and time again that if I waste my whole day away then I end up feeling pretty crummy by the end of the day. A day playing with my kids is not a day wasted, but a day when I let my kids mostly watch tv and I sit on the couch on my phone, a day wasted for sure. I need to fold some laundry, do a craft project with the kids, bake cookies, etc. Just do something! 

I hope that my list helps you get your list going. We need to remember that we matter as mothers and as people and that it’s good and okay to have some little things we need everyday so that we can be the best mothers we can for our beautiful little people who need us to be happy and healthy.

A few others I thought of to help you generate ideas for your seven daily needs:
water and staying hydrated
exercise – I so wish I was dedicated to exercise enough to put this on my list but uh, I’m definitely not. 
listening to good music or general conference talks 
spending time in nature
connecting time with loved ones
creative time

So here’s to a week of self care and doing some little things each day so that we can spend more time loving and connecting with our families the rest of the day!

Happy Mamas Matter Monday!

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