Easy Post Office Dramatic Play

As soon as I set up this activity, my kids ran over and were so excited to start playing and creating. They had fun “writing” letters to everyone they know, decorating the envelopes, putting on a “stamp” (sticker) and placing them in the little plastic mailbox. Another big hit of this activity was pretending to be the mail carrier and hand deliver the mail! They loved being able to surprise each other and me with little notes and mail. It was a blast!

I love this activity because it took me all of five seconds to set up and they had so much fun playing with it for quite a long time. I just grabbed some paper, some envelopes, some craft supplies and some stickers and put it all together on this tray so everything was accessible to them. I also grabbed our toy mailbox to use but this activity could work just as well with a pretend mailbox, like a box or bin.

It was a low-key, easy activity without a lot of direction from me. I explained to them how the letters go in the envelopes to mail and where they needed to write the receiver and sender’s names and then where to place the “stamp.” I loved that they learned a little bit about the real US postal system while playing!

Easy to set up, easy to clean up, and the kids were engaged and practicing writing and learning a little bit more about the world they live in!  Yay!

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