birthdays and babies and mindfulness

My baby is turning two this month and it’s simultaneously making me want to cry and jump for joy.  I am so sad that he’s grown so much and isn’t my snuggly newborn anymore but I’m also happy that he’s grown so much and can walk and talk and is healthy and is here.

Last week was a rouuuugh week.  You know what I’m talking about.  Tantrums, meltdowns, hitting, biting, hair pulling.  It was all happening.  Life is not perfect over here.  It’s so crazy.  It’s real.  It’s life. We work hard to try and teach our children right from wrong and to help them through these meltdowns. But last week I definitely needed some reinforcements and we, thankfully, live really close to my in-laws so I plopped the kids in the car and we drove down to spend a few days with their CC and Papa E. Best decision ever. The kids loved it, I loved it, CC and Papa E loved it (well, I think they loved it).  Win, win, win.

And while we were there we went to this lake by their house. It was so beautiful and peaceful and my two kids just had a blast running and playing and splashing. It made me stop and think about how much time with them I just take for granted while we are in the midst of these little years, while they are still very much learning and tantruming and melting down and how it’s just hard and sometimes I’m so busy and focused on getting through the day that I forget to really enjoy and live in the moments. If you read the comments on last week’s Mamas Matter Mondays, my sister-in-law made a wonderful comment on having a mindfulness spot. A spot where, whenever, you are there, you just stop and reflect for a moment on what a blessing it is to be a mom and how much you love and cherish your kids.  LOVE this idea! I definitely want to start doing this. And I want to just stop and watch my kids more. I think sometimes as moms we get so focused on getting shoes on and having everyone go to the bathroom and trying to get out the door or get lunches made, or whatever it is, that we forget to stop and just watch the magical world that is going on around us. To not be so busy with life that we forget to watch and soak up the magic that our children are.  They are here, they are beautiful, they are imaginative, forgiving, loving, wonderful little people that need us and love us.  It’s amazing! And exhausting. But amazing!

And so my mantra for motherhood this week is to be more mindful because oh goodness, these babies don’t keep.  And to eat more chocolate because we definitely know that some days, some weeks are rough! But we are making a difference to those little people who love us!


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