Easter Egg Hunt Literacy Activities

I can’t believe that Easter is just a few days away! We have been having fun doing some Easter activities over here. I love how simple and easy all three of these literacy activities are to create and play.  So here are three fun Easter egg hunt variations to help preschoolers and kindergarteners (or any age if you differentiate appropriately) with literacy!

#1 – Letter Match-up Easter Egg Hunt

This activity is perfect for my four year old. It’s a great one for kids who are just learning the letters or for kids who need a quick review.  I used a sharpie and wrote both uppercase and lowercase letters on the eggs.  The goal is for the kids to find each half and match up the correct uppercase letter with the correct lowercase letter.   When we did this activity I started with just five or six eggs but you could gradually add more letters as you go.  It is a fun one!

# 2 – Build your Name Easter Egg Hunt

I LOVE this activity!  It’s perfect for letter recognition, name recognition, and placing the letters of the name in correct order.  You could also add an extension activity and have your child write the letters in their name on new eggs and have them hide the eggs for you to find!  I opted to use paper eggs for this activity in case I decide to have my daughter glue them onto a paper or something at a later time.

# 3 – Sight Word Easter Egg Hunt

Okay, I love this one too!  We used this one in my kindergarten classroom around Easter time and it was so fun!  At this point in the school year, the kindergarten kids would usually have quite a few words on the word wall so it was fun to have a lot of different sight words in our egg hunt.  You could also throw in some other words that the kids would have to decode and they could make a sentence using both words they decoded and sight words!

Happy Easter egg hunting!

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  1. Cindy

    April 27, 2017 at 12:07 pm

    Great ideas! I love activities that make learning fun!

    1. Emily

      April 27, 2017 at 7:38 pm

      Thanks! P had fun with them! 🙂

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